LookMyBabouch: the babouche-sneaker


Take the traditional North-African leather slipper ‘babouche’ and add some freshness to it and you get LookMyBabouch (aka LMB), a sneaker version of the traditional babouche.

Founder Nacim Ben Moussa draws inspiration from his Franco-Tunisian roots. This young entrepreneur started “LookMyBabouch” with the help of some friends in 2012, after the Tunisian Revolution. A brand that joins European creativity with modern urban Asian and north African traditions. The slipper-sneaker preserves the characteristic pointed shape of the shoe known in the east, while its refreshing design makes it more a contemporary product. The sneakers are unisex. LookMyBabouch takes you to the lively streets of the medina, in Manhattan avenues and through Parisian cobblestone walkways.


LMB now launches an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to expand their brand with four models. The two models of the “Fruity” line are inspired by the olive tree, the symbol of Tunisia. Tunisia is the second largest producer of olive oil in the world. The products take their names from words denoting the degree of ripening of the fruit from which the oil is pressed, namely “fruity black” and “ripe fruit.”


Other models: “KIL1M” and “KIL2M” are inspired by another classic Tunisian craft known for its unique designs, the famous kilim carpets. Persian “gelim” (گلیم) Gelim, which designates famous wool carpets for its unique designs and traditionally made by nomads in the south.


For the Indiegogo campain the LMB offers varied rewards in exchange for investment support. Take this opportunity to support the development of a stylish shoe and a young talent.


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