Fashion designer Nawed Elias tells the story of the Pashtun through his designs

Being born in one of the purest environments of Afghanistan, and being part of the Pashtun, one of the most colourful, vibrant and dynamic tribes based in Northeast Afghanistan, shaped Nawed Elias as the artist he is. An artist who brings art and culture together in a fantastic way.

With the love he feels for his country and the connection that he has with his roots, he paid tribute to both creating his clothing line. The pieces Nawed designs are works of art themselves, and thus Nawed differs enormously from the average fashion designer. Through his designs Nawed tells the story of the Pashtun. Designing works of art for a clientele both male and female, he tells the story of both Pashtun men and women. Nawed connects and creates beauty in a fragile way.

He gives an artistic twist to his creations by making the link with the West, where Nawed grew up, without forgetting what has shaped him as the person he is; someone who carries his name with honour.


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