ANFAWEAR: edgy Moroccan street wear


They are motivated and passionated. A fresh and new street wear brand from Casablanca: ANFAWEAR. Ready to tackle the streetwear market in Morocco.

The brand started in December 2014 with a first winter collection. “Anfawear is a project built on our will and passion for both fashion and design. Our ambition is to humbly participate in the creative movement of modern and fashionable Morocco,” says Youssef, founder of ANFA.

Behind the ANFAWEAR is the creative (and married) couple Youssef and Hana. Both travelled a lot before choosing to settle in Casablanca. “Anfa was the original name of Casablanca. It was a commercial port on the Atlantic coast before it was destroyed by the Portuguese king Alfonso V. Sultan Mohammed III decided to rebuild the city from the ashes and rename it Dar al Beida (White House). The word anfa means ‘hill’ in the Berber language.  We thought it could be a romantic name for a brand based in Casablanca.”


Their products vary from tees to sweaters and are made by craftsmen. Youssef: “All our products are designed and produced in Morocco. It is something we want to defend and maintain. We think it’s important for our country to appreciate and develop its local skills and products. We are not against globalization but we think that for an emerging country it is always good to have local initiatives that could be an alternative to the big international franchise. Somehow, it could be a sort of political commitment…”

Their designs are simple but they also use zellige. “We try to stay simple in our designs. For this first collection, we worked on the branding, the name and the logo. We have also done work on zellige patterns that derives its inspiration from the Moroccan tradition of house decoration.  The use of zellige is a way to advertise the Moroccan tradition in handicraft and design. We admire the work of the traditional craftsmen here in Morocco; it really shows the beauty of Moroccan culture. ”

The team is inspired by the city of Casablanca itself, history, street arts and international brands. “We don’t think that we have to be unique; all we want is that people in Morocco and abroad appreciate our work and identify themselves with our concept.”


ANFAWEAR plans to deliver worldwide soon. Some of their distributors, such as the Kahenas initiative, already do. “We want to build our brand step by step. The first step is to make the brand more and more known locally. Then the second step is to try to reach international markets through distributors in France, Belgium, Spain, the UK and the United States. We also plan to have our own shop in Casablanca in by the end of the year.”



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