‘Like’ pop up exhibition highlights emerging Middle Eastern artists


The “Like” pop up presents EMERGEAST’s first collective exhibition in the UK, highlighting thirteen of Dubai-based online gallery’s emerging artists. Yet unbeknown to the audience, “Like” is an exhibition curated by the EMERGEAST online following. A selection of artworks have been picked in accordance to the digital platform’s clicks, hits and likes – cementing the popularity of the emerging shapers of the Middle East’s current art scene. You liked it, you got it. From calligraphy to pop art, street art to digital compilations, EMERGEAST has gathered a variety of artworks alike through their roots: the Middle East. For the first time on display in London’s ARTSPACE Gallery, between September 10-12, the inaugural pop up will follow the online platform’s concept of presenting, promoting and selling affordable artworks to the quintessential young collector, where artworks will range between £300 – £4500.

Pop up Like EMERGEAST“Like” represents an expression of identity, for both artist and viewer. Together, the selected artworks offer an insight into the artists’ inspirations that have resonated with the connecting audience of today. Thirteen artists have taken to the canvas depicting themes and dialogue rooted in their experiences from ‘home’. Vibrant brushstrokes and energetic subject matter dominate this exhibition as a direct correlation to experiences challenging their status-quo, some from post-struggle periods, others, keeping up with the globalised era influencing their native land. “Like” brings forth not a reinvention of the traditional, yet a form of expression that reflects each artist’s own ‘likes’.

As an expression of the urbanite’s day-to-day interaction, the EMERGEAST inaugural pop up exhibition brings to the visiting audience a dynamic experience by immersing live in the visual feast usually dominated by our alternate digital life. The digital age has allowed artists to travel beyond their borders, “Like” will delve into the influences that have taken the artists virtually global. EMERGEAST’s first collective brings to the young collector regional artists to an international audience in London.

Artists exhibiting: Ibrahim Al Atiyah, Ghada Al Muhammedi, Nic Courdy, Azadeh Etebarian, Elham Etemadi, Amir Ershadi, Janet Hagobian, Anas Homsi, Monther Jawabreh, Siddiqa Juma, Manou Marzban, Mo Negm and Ali Shawwa.

More about EMERGEAST here.


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