Take Kahenas to New York City!

Kahenas is a community that brings together the most talented and creative Moroccan artists, artisans, and designers. It is Morocco’s first contemporary culture e‐shop. The community show a new wave of extremely talented voices that have something inspiring to offer and a progressive message to send from the Arab World.  Kahenas represent 25 artists & brands, carry over 300 products, and have shipped to more than 15 countries. Their  customers hail from around the world, from Shanghai to NYC, and from Dakar to Lugano.

One of these artistis is Hassan Hajjaj, the Godfather of the movement. Hajjaj lives between London and Marrakech, and has re-interpreted Pop Art to create his own distinct art form through photography and more. He has been exposed around the world, from the LACMA in LA to the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Amine Bendriouich, the rockstar fashion designer, native of Marrakech and resident of Casablanca, designs unisex clothes around themes as far-fetched as Birds of Ghana. His creativity is only matched by his perfectionism. Sofia El Arabi, under her brand name Bakchic, proposes a fascinating universe that is a tribute to Morocco’s Berber heritage and a visionary adaptation of contemporary culture. And finally, Yasmine Hadhoumi, who gives second and third lives to unique pieces from Morocco’s souks by for example making one jacket from three pants.

For an e-commerce so centered around the community, they felt like something was missing. And that ‘something’ was an offline interaction with their public. Kahenas decided to start organizing and participating in offline events, first hosting a brunch at Fellah Hotel in Marrakech, and then traveling to (one of) Paris’ temple of cool, La Gaite Lyrique, for a pop up shop. After these two successful events, Kahenas is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds with the ambition to present the beautiful works of Morocco’s leading creative minds in New York for a weeklong pop up shop.

Support the 5-weeklong Indiegogo campaign here and help the Kahenas reach their goal to pop up in NYC!


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