Art as means of protest



Even though the political crisis in Syria is dominating the headlines, the doors of art galleries, such as the Ayyam Gallery in Damascus, remain open. The conflict doesn’t seem to scare away the modern day Syrian art. On the contrary, art from the Middle East is getting more and more international attention, attention that it never got before. Book titles about Islam or the Middle East sold like hot buns from the digital shelves of It is possible that the post-9/11 interest in the Arab culture played a part in this.

Syria, being in a civil war, is inspiring modern day art (painting, sculpting, photography and digital art): The art shows anger, it’s moving, it protests and it provokes. This is characteristic for the best art Syria ever produced. It is painful, humanitarian art. One of those artists is Tamman Azzam, a young Syrian artist, who has been shouting to the world, with his latest work, the ugly truth in Syria since march 2011. These images are part of his collection: Medium Digital Art, 2012.

Written by Malikka Bouaissa
Translated by Basimeh Fokkema
Photos: Tammam Azzam



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