A sense of sadness in Hammoud Chantout’s ‘Human Portraits’

Lonely figures and faces in empty spaces often evoking a sense of sadness, solitude, purity, sincerity and Sufism. Syrian artist Hammoud Chantout transforms realistic subjects into ones of imagination, full of colour and light. Throughout the years, the atmosphere in his work has changed from dark scenes embroidered with thin beams of light to legendary scenes full of light scattered with figures. The mural concept is often present in his artwork through techniques and materials.

Hammoud Chantout was born in a tiny village east of Aleppo in Syria. He studied at both the Faculty of Fine Arts in Syria and at the Beaux Arts National School in Paris. Chantout has held several solo exhibitions in Syria, the Middle East, Canada and Europe. He currently resides in Lebanon as recent instability has forced him and his family to leave his beloved war torn Syria. Art gallery Syra Arts presents his upcoming exhibition ‘Human Portraits’ in Washington, D.C.

Syra Arts has been promoting contemporary Middle Eastern art and artists in the United States since 2011. The gallery, which represents some of the Middle East’s leading contemporary painters, sculptors, and jewelry designers, strives to give a glimpse of the depth and diversity of contemporary art in the region.

Hammoud Chantout – “Human Portraits”
15 September – 7 October 2015
1054 31st Street N.W # A, Canal Square
Washington D.C. 20007


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