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al.arte.magazine – the online magazine focusing on art and more from Maghreb to Mashreq & beyond.

al.arte.magazine is an online magazine on art & culture from Maghreb to Mashriq & beyond. The magazine focuses on music, theatre, film, visual arts, design, fashion and other forms of cultural expressions. al.arte.magazine is news, background, interviews, reviews and photo reporting in an East meets West setting.

The online magazine was born of a long-time passion of founder and editor-in-chief Malikka Bouaissa. Today, al.arte.magazine has evolved to a team of over ten contributors of various backgrounds, but motivated by the same drive: a love for the arts and culture.

al.arte.magazine is no subsidiary of any commercial media group and currently isn’t funded by advertisers or through any government subsidy. To cover expenses we are calling on readers with a heart for quality journalism.


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We are still recruiting new reinforcements and creative talents. Are you a savvy writer or are you gifted with creative perspective (photography, graphic design, social media skills, website management…) and do you share a passion for the arts and culture of the Arab and muslim world? And do you feel you can contribute? Don’t hesitate to contact Malikka at malikka@alartemag.be and introduce yourself.

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