Ruh Al-Alam: Arabic calligraphic styles

Ruh Al-Alam is a designer, an artist, a calligrapher, a typographer, and the founder of Visual Dhikr (visual remembrance), an Islamic calligraphic artwork project. This is often depicted in calligraphic texts, which are reflective of the message. “The term ‘Visual Dhikr’ is a concept coined by Ruh to describe his work. The term technically does not exist in Arabic terminology. The Arabic word ‘dhikr’ means to remember, reflect or invoke – combined with the English word ‘Visual’ the intended meaning is to ‘visually remember’ or ponder upon the subject.”

With a background in typography and design, Ruh found a natural and familiar channel of expression in calligraphic styles and art. Ruh’s artwork isn’t limited to calligraphy, he regularly works with photography, videography, installation, motion graphics and sculpture. Ruh Al-Alam began exploring Arabic calligraphic art in 2003.


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