Said Mahrouf’s collection inspired by poem ‘Conferences of the Birds’

Said Mahrouf collaborated with the Paris based painter Yassine Mekhnache on 10 special pieces for the spring/summer 2016 collection. These pieces have been hand embroidered, in the same manner as in the paintings by the artist, exploring the poem by Farid Attar ‘Conferences of the Birds’. The birds are seen as the spiritual & psychological representations of the human soul. These 10 looks are a mini Haute Couture collection, within the full collection that trademarks Said Mahrouf’s love for draping.

In the past ten years, Yassine Mekhnache has built up strong ties with embroiderers of the small mountain village of Tameslouht, in the region of Marrakech. The artist merges figurative drawings together with traditional Moroccan embroideries and Indian silks.


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