Amazigh stones telling stories


It was a journey designer Fatima Essahsah will never forget: her trip to Marrakech in May 2013 that centered around the production of the first collection of her jewelry line STONES STORIES. The designs are inspired by current trends while preserving the authenticity of the stories traditional Amazigh (Berber) jewelry tells us. This makes STONES STORIES more than just a jewelry line. Each piece is unique and harbours a story as powerful as stone.


STONES STORIES offers a range of necklaces, bracelets, headdress and clothing jewelry, all of which had a symbolic and mythical meaning in Amazigh culture. Jewelry was often worn as an amulet to ward off evil spirits and influences. Jewelry played an important role in the expression of Amazigh identity, especially for women. STONES STORIES is predominantly manufactured with various gemstones like amber and lapis lazuli. In addition, shells and antique silver coins are used.


Fatima has meanwhile returned from her second trip to start the production of her second collection. Interested? In fall 2014 a part of her collection will be on sale at TOON’s (on the Westergasfabriek premises in Amsterdam), and a fashion show and installation are programmed for 2015.

Are you interested in the first HABIBA collection and you want to stay informed? Like STONES STORIES on Facebook. An online store will be launched this fall at

Stonesstories6 Stonesstories5

Design /styling: Fatima Essahsah
Photo’s: Daisy van Knotsenburg
Make-up artist: Hanan Essahsah
Model: Nina de Koning 

© Fatima Essahsah

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