LOUD Art turns up KSA’s creative volume

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For the third year in a row, LOUD Art will be Saudi Arabia’s platform for young, regional artists. This year the organizers collaborated with Nuqat, the biggest art conference in the Gulf and the Middle East. The art festival will turn up the volume from the 29th of May 2014 onwards in the city where it all started: Khobar. As introduced in Kuwait in 2013, the ‘Executing Culture Shock’ concept will also be executed in Riyadh and Jeddah this year.

The goal of LOUD Art is to create a powerful and influential art platform for local talent – to exhibit to local, regional, and international audiences. During the exhibition the role of art experts within a transforming culture in particular will be assessed. The art work of the aspiring artists featured during this platform have attained international attention and recognition. This year’s names are:

Ahmed AlDossary
Alaa BalKhy
Ali AlHassan
Ali Cha’aban
Amani AlSaad
Areej Kaoud
Basma Amin
Bayan Abdullateef
DH_C Kookeejeejoh
Diala Noureddine
Faisal Ahmed
Ghadeer AlAwadhi
Haidar AlZaid
Heba Farahat
Hoda AlShafie
Hythem AlDaham
Hussain Ismail
Jaffar AlOraibi
Khadija Kareem
Khalid Zahid
Minature Malekpour
Mohammd AlTamimi
Mohammad Awwad
Mohammed Kindy
Najla Abdullah
Noorah Kareem
Nora AlMazrooa
Nouf AlSemari
Om Kalthoom AlAlawi
Ramah AlHusseini
Salman AlNajem
Sarah Taibah
Taghreed Bagshi
Yusef AlAhmad
Zahar AlSayed.

The exhibition opens its doors to the public in Khobar on May 29th, 2014 at the Desert Designs gallery. Other dates will be announced later.


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