The Kaleidoscope world of Djamel Oulkadi

© Djamel Oulkadi
© Djamel Oulkadi

Repetition, symmetry, and abstraction. This characterizes the work of the Brussels based painter and artist Djamel Oulkadi. The graffiti artist masters abstract graphic work marked by Arabic calligraphy. His new exhibition at Espace Magh in Brussels is named Seriegraphic and is linked to the theme exhibition FOCUS BERBERE(S) : CULTURE(S) BERBERE(S), de l’identité à l’universalité.

Expo Seriegraphic @ Espace Magh © Djamel Oulkadi

Expo Seriegraphic @ Espace Magh | © Djamel Oulkadi

“The letter is the basis of everything,” says Oulkadi. He started in 1987 within the graffiti scene, but it was during his graphic studies that he discovered typography and his passion for letters. Whether using Latin or Arabic letters, and while mixing several techniques, his art remains abstract graphic work. Labyrinths of geometric motifs, his works are an allusive and exhilarating game between minimalism and psychedelia, radicalism and ramblings.

© Djamel Oulkadi

Blue Shadow | © Djamel Oulkadi

Djamel Oulkadi is a Moroccan Belgian, an Amazigh (Berber). He was asked for the exhibition in his capacity as an Amazigh. His national identity is very important to him; in his work he refers, for instance, to the portrait of his father and a Berber woman. His contribution to the exhibition is named after the screen printing technique (also called silkscreen or serigraphy). In this series he worked with the shadows of letters only, without using backgrounds.


Berber women | © Djamel Oulkadi


Self-portrait |© Djamel Oulkadi

Oulkadi calls himself a geometric writer. His favorite work in the exhibition is ‘Positif, negatif’. “It’s a work about letters. You see the repetitive movement. I was searching there and I love to express myself in black and white. Graphically, I liked it most.”

© Djamel Oulkadi

Positif, negatif © Djamel Oulkadi

Djamel Oulkadi will continue designing abstract calligraphy and wants to encourage young talented artists in Brussels to show more of their work. He hopes they get more recognition.


Untitled – © Djamel Oulkadi

SERIGRAPHIC by Djamel Oulkadi
25/09/15 › 17/10/15
11:00 – 19:00
free entrance – from Tuesday to Saturday
Rue du Poinçon 17 / Priemstraat 17
1000 Bruxelles


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