The 2014 Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial featuring Karim Jabbari

Karim Jabbari strikes again! He participated in the 2014 Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial which had the city of Kairouan as a central theme. As usual, the light calligraphist chose to be inspired by Arabic poets such as Ibn Rashiq and Mohamed Fayez. His artworks combine light calligraphy, printed on canvas, and Kairouan Kufi style and Maghrebi style calligraphies. The masterpiece is a big wall: an assembly of twelve canvases forming a migration of letters from Kairouan to Sharjah.
Kairouan was founded in 670 AD and is considered to be the most ancient Islamic city of the Maghreb, and one of its principal holy cities. Capital of Ifriqiya for five centuries, it was a place of outstanding diffusion of Arabo-Muslim civilization. The ancient city is classified as UNESCO wold heritage. Its main monument, the Uqba Ibn Nafi’a Mosque, is considered not only an Islamic but a universal masterpiece of architecture.
Photos © Karim Jabbari


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