Sudanese culture dominates Salah El-Mur’s work

Sudanese culture is the major theme in Salah El-Mur’s artistic experiment. In addition to its unique geographical features, which unfold interestingly across different provinces in the country, Sudan’s cultural heritage is highlighted by several tribal communities. Regardless of their heterogeneous traditions, habits, languages, folkloric songs, and vernacular, these tribes are part of the deeply rooted fabric of the Sudanese nation. These characteristics are unique and are not found in other countries, which is why El-Mur draws his artistic vocabulary, elements, and symbols from Sudanese culture. He also seeks inspiration from the faces of people and warm family relationships, friends and songs and folklore, and, of course, the country’s green fields and mighty river, the Nile.

[Excerpt from Yasser Sultan (Cairo, March 2015)]

El Mur was born in a village in the outskirts of Khartoum, Sudan’s capital in 1966. His artistic talent was soon revealed at primary school but it was in Saudi Arabia where he began to receive praise from his teachers and classmates. Back to Sudan, he entered a Fine Arts Academy and graduated in Graphic Design in 1989. Since then, El Mur has held several solo and group exhibitions noth in Sudan, Egypt and abroad and has been working as an artist, illustrator, writer and filmmaker. 

The exhibition runs until November 19 at Mashrabia Gallery and until November 5 at Gallery Misr.

Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art
Daily except Friday, from 11PM to 8PM
8, Champollion St. Downtown, Cairo, Egypt

Gallery Misr
Daily except Friday from 10 Am to 9 PM
4A Ibn Zanke, of Hassan Sabry st, Zamalek, Cairo


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