Photography: when hands tell stories

Photographer Karim El Hayawan expresses what he sees as the vibrancy of life in its simplest yet most vivid manifestation through The Hand. Every hand in his photos tells a story and paints a vivid imagery of ethnicity, social level or even ideologies through jewelry and gestures. He explains his work as an expression to construct, connect, and constitute life between the I and the other. “The Hand series came as a fruit and outcome of a collaboration with The Carton magazine, a truly inspiring food culture magazine. What started as a photo essay on souks (market places) in Cairo and the subculture they behold, ended up as this series. It’s about framing what transpires in the souk using just hands. My souk-muse.”

This series was exhibited at Darb1718 in Cairo and The Grid Cape Town Biennial – 2015 in South Africa.


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