Photography is a way of meditation on life for Douraïd Souissi


Douraïd Souissi is a Tunisian photographer. He discovered his interest in photography during his studies in business and philosophy in Chicago in the United States. After his graduation, he went back in Tunisia in 2005 where he started his career in business. However, feeling that it was not the thing for him, Douraïd decided to follow his passion and began to work as a photographer. Then he worked on many projects and his first personal photo exhibition was in 2007.


Douraïd is a very deep person with a high awareness and a personal reflexion on life. His sensitivity, meditation and subtlety can be read through his photographs. Anouar Brahem, the Tunisian oud player and composer, is a great source of inspiration for him.

The professional artist has a focus on his country Tunisia, its landscapes and people. His last exhibition was on the town El Kef located in Northwestern Tunisia and he will take part in the exhibition Views of Tunisia, coming September in Tunis.


© Douraïd Souissi

 © Douraïd Souissi




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