Mutiny of Colours: cinematic crowdfund campaign to save street art in Iran

CK1 - © Zeinab Tabrizy
CK1 - © Zeinab Tabrizy

Mutiny Of Colours is a feature-length documentary about street art and graffiti in Iran. The film depicts the daily life of five Iranian street artists, in four episodes. They risk their freedom while painting art on the walls of Iran and face a continuous struggle with the police. As the film process was stopped due to financial issues, the directors are looking for funding.

Mutiny-Of-Colors-Official-Poster-(Artwork-by-ICY-&-SOT)Most Iranian street artists, such as ICY & SOT, decided to immigrate and leave their family and homeland behind as street art is not considered art by the Iranian authorities. Mutiny of Colours, directed by Zeinab Tabrizy and Paliz Khoshdel, wants to change that and shows the point of view of some of Iran’s street artists. The film also highlights their idealism. Another topic the documentary discusses is women’s rights. “The main reason we’re making this documentary is that we still hope that someday, the government and the people will know the truth behind street art. It’s all about peace, love, and freedom of expression,” says Zeinab Tabrizy.

Four artists lead the Mutiny of Colours story line. CK1, one of the most experienced among them, stands for anti-war idealism and Iranian literature. Omet uses Farsi words and a Farsi font to convey his message to an Iranian audience. He integrates childhood themes, nostalgic drawings, and graphic designs in his work. The previously mentioned Icy & Sot, known as two of the best stencil artists in the world, are brothers. Their art is about children and peace. Finally, Lady Green paints a portrait series of faces that have been banned from Iranian media for political reasons.

The process of making this independent film has been stopped because of financial reasons. The directors of the documentary have therefore launched a Kickstarter Campaign. If you want to support them, you can donate here.

Directed by: Zeinab Tabrizy and Paliz Khoshdel
Producer: Paliz Khoshdel
Executive Producer: Shaghayegh Cyrous
Duration: 70 Minutes
Release date: 2016


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