Moving People: 10.000 miniature refugees in the streets


The guerrilla street art project Moving People will display miniature dolls as refugees in the streets of Amsterdam and The Hague from September on. On park benches, at stations and bus stops, on road signs, at traffic lights, in windowsills, in malls, in office areas; they will be popping up everywhere. The street art project tells the story of ten refugees. Each story will be told 1001 times.

The collective behind Moving People is Power of Art House, an artistic think tank consisting of designers, socio-cultural entrepreneurs, producers, and other creative thinkers. They use artistic weapons against indifference and injustice. “We want to make refugees visible and tell their stories. To strengthen empathy and social cohesion, and to show people a different way to look at refugees, as human beings,” says the collective. To pursue their goal the collective makes use of public space and street art.

10.010 images are produced in collaboration with an Amsterdam-based sheltered workshop called Panther. The miniatures are made with 3D scans of ten former refugees. They were models for the 10 cm high 3D figurines. Their memories and feelings are visually translated into the pose. Within the clothing of the miniature doll there is reference to the website

The collective started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the last bit of their project. They have now reached their target.



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