Meet upcoming multitalented artist Afagh Morrowatian

Afagh Morrowatian

Afagh Morrowatian

Born in Iran, Afagh Morrowatian lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The young visual artist studied art at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She works as a freelance photographer and stylist. Her work also encompasses the visual arts. Morrowatian focuses her experimental art work on giving new meanings to life and memory with an atmospheric touch which can only be felt through silence. Morrowatian works across various media as she explores topics related to heritage, language and history.

Amazed by her photography skills and styling work, Morrowatian keeps surprising. Morrowatian’s work is simultaneously simple, beautiful and intriguing. Her works capture true emotion, psychology and are enigmatic. So much so that you want to understand where the images are coming from, whose mind they are filtered through.

Her latest work includes the Plastic Saint triptych.

The Plastic Saint I - © Afagh Morrowatian

The Plastic Saint I – © Afagh Morrowatian

The Plastic Saint
Plastic Saint is a collaborative project by Afagh Morrowatian and Y, a designer and artist based in Egypt and New York. “The project refers to religious icons and their relationship to the human behavior of trying to find the perfect human being. Time accumulates over religious relics, giving it glamour and polishing it in a very selective manner. So it becomes just an icon for what it stands for and from that this work concept arises. From that paradox, using our plastic saint with a halo of historical astronomical diagrams leaves the spectator to create his own point of view about these saints and what they represent and where they come from.”

The Plastic Saint I - © Afagh Morrowatian

The Plastic Saint II – © Afagh Morrowatian

The Plastic Saint is fascinating and haunting work. It proves Afagh Morrowation is an up and coming talent in visual arts. “The Plastic Saint is random, organic and spontaneous conversation. Nothing is pre-determined; we take pictures and then we decide how to work on it later, which gives a variety and diversity for the output which eventually will affect the spectator once he gets to see the whole work together.”

The Plastic Saint III - © Afagh Morrowatian

The Plastic Saint III – © Afagh Morrowatian

One of Morrowatian’s earlier inspirational works is Harfha. Harfha means ‘those words we can not say’ – silenced by the society. “This work is based on fear. The fear that makes us say nothing when do want to say a lot. Oppression silences the human being, even in democratic open-minded societies. I wanted to capture the feelings of human beings acting normal yet feeling powerless. Powerless because of the way they are obliged to behave, speak and act. ”

Harfha I - © Afagh Morrowatian

Harfha I – © Afagh Morrowatian

Harfha II - © Afagh Morrowatian

Harfha II – © Afagh Morrowatian

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