Massive urban installation in front of Marrakesh railway station

As part of the 6th Marrakesh Biennale, the David Bloch Gallery presents a public installation in the square of Marrakesh train station. Based on the principle of obliteration, the installation gathers two of its resident artists – STEPH.COP et TANC.

A 3 meters sculpture and more than 1.4 tons of STEPH.COP is surrounded by a metal structure painted by TANC. The final result is a massive and brutal artwork. The sculpture, named [ARO AXIOME], is revealed through the two openings of the metal structure. Once inside and with the sole presence of the 3 meters wooden sculpture, the spectator finds himself in an intimate space of reflection contrasting with the massive nature of the installation and the surrounding urban bustle.

“Aro Axiom is a deconstruction.
The tree and the cube.
A dialogue between the form and the volume (STEPH.COP).
A confrontation between the line and the block (TANC).
When obliteration invites us to be faced oneself more intimately.”

© David Bloch Gallery Aro Axiome


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