Lubna Abdel Azize: fairy tales and surreal photography

Always in the heart
Always in the heart

Lubna Abdel Azize is a fine art photographer who creates surreal and whimsical images that turn her imagination into reality. Her work is very dreamy, fairy-tale like but also addresses themes like life versus death and rebirth. “People might not agree with how I view what I do, but I would rather put out my vision and try to make you believe it,” says Abdel Azize.

Her inspiration comes from anywhere and anything. “The idea is that you learn how to put yourself in a state of inspiration and keep it inside you and how to look for everything around you in a different way. I totally believe that you have to make your images tell a story, a story that touches you and others.”

The young photographer is also civically engaged. For the 2014 Qatar Charity ‘Build Palestine’ Campaign she created the campaign photo. “The concept of Build Palestine should reflect Palestine’s miseries and it should deliver the feeling and touch the emotions through the details overall.”

The #Friday_image project is also one of her creations. “The idea of the project is to make a photo every Friday, then share it with everyone, and push myself out of my comfort zone. Every image tells a different story, of many memories and many risks.”

Recently Lubna Abdel Azize was selected as one of 150 top photographers by EIPC, the Egypt International Photo Contest. We definitely are going to hear more from this dreamy photographer.

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