Islamic art captures the essence of the month Ramadan


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The rich heritage of Arab hospitality will meet the captivating beauty of Islamic art this Ramadan, at ‘Downtown,’ Emaar’s Ramadan tent in Downtown Dubai. Featuring an inspiring selection of Islamic art by London-based gallery Ahlan Art ‘The Gallery at Emaar Pavilion’ and ‘Downtown’, The Ramadan Tent with a view will be home to a handpicked collection of 27 different paintings, embodying the essence of the Holy Month of Ramadan, and celebrating Islamic art & culture.

Incorporating verses from the Holy Quran, illustrations of mosques and other elements associated with the Holy Month, the exhibition will feature works in various mediums including acrylic, calligraphy, watercolour, mixed media, and photography, by artists from Africa, India, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria and the UK.


For more information visit –

‘Downtown’ Ramadan Tent
Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
Downtown Dubai

Sun –Wed : 6pm to 2am
Thu –Sat : 6pm to 3am

‘The Gallery at Emaar Pavilion’

Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
Downtown Dubai

Sat –Thu : 9am to 6pm


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