Fight bad art with better art

In September 2012, published a column by Melody Moezzi, an Iranian-American Muslim writer and lawyer. In her column she asks the question how Muslims, as responsible global citizens, should react to an insulting film or cartoon or other form of expression. This in reaction to riots that took place at demonstrations in some countries. Which reaction represents our convictions and ideals as Muslims? She answers the question herself; it is the title of her column.

Art, not arms, or an Islamic approach to Islamophobia

Violence is neither an effective, nor a responsible reaction. It is both counterproductive and unislamic. The most productive and powerful reaction is to beat bad art with beautiful art, to fight ugliness with beauty, and lies with truths. We should be pro-active, instead of constantly resorting to defense. We must create our own works of art, our own movies, cartoons, satires, songs and writings, to undermine islamophobic reactions.

The philosophy and the whole concept of {al. arte. magazine} originated from the same ideas and principles. {al. arte. magazine} believes art can drown out the violence and wants to inspire Muslims to share more of their artistic beauty with the world. Spread the better art!

Image: Malikka Bouaissa

Translated by Mark Eijkman


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