Djerbahood, an open-air museum

Artist C215/ Photo by Aline Deschamps / © Galerie Itinerrance
Artist C215/ Photo by Aline Deschamps / © Galerie Itinerrance

One island, one village, 150 street artist and 30 nationalities. Also called “The island of dreams”. The perfect destination if you are tired of the common citytrips and all inclusive vacations and for a change want to combine travelling with a nice dose of art and culture. Er-Riadh, a small village on the Tunisian island of Djerba. 150 artists from 30 different countries around the world have come together in this picturesque village and transformed it into a beautiful open-air museum. After the Tour Paris 13, Gallery Itinerrance launched a new art project called Djerbahood. World famous street artists like eL Seed, C215 and B – TOY have taken part in this project and have contributed in their own creative way. Watch here a beautiful short film, shot by Milan Poyet using a drone.

Djerba is a popular holiday destination , but has beautiful sites like Er- Riadh that has not been affected by excessive tourism. If that is what you’re looking for than you can always visit the clubtown Djerba La Douce , near Houmt Souk (capital of the island). Despite the fact that Djerba has been under Islamic rule for a long time , the island is has been a safe haven for many Jewish communities for decades. After the 2nd World War, many Jewish families settled down in Djerba which resulted in a harmonious and very involved community. This has also ensured that the traditional crafts like tailors and potters haven’t been lost and we can see how the city of Houmt Souk (“Market Town”) for example owes its name to. Everywhere in the city there are various market stalls and many streets are filled with numerous craft shops.

List of all Djerbahood artists:

ABADY 926 (Palestine), Abdellatif MOUSTAD (Maroc), ALANDANUSI Hassan (Arabie Saoudite), Add fuel (Portugal), Alexis Diaz (Puerto Rico), Amose (Français), Arraiano (Portugal), Axel void (USA), AYA TAREK (Egypte), B toy (Espagne), Bom k (France), BRUSK (France), C 215 + Nina (France), Calma (Brésil), CANILAO Monica (USA), Cekis (Chili), Curiot (Espagne), Dabro (Tunisie), Dan 23 (France), David de la Mano (Espagnole), Deyaa Rambo (Arabie Saoudite), Dome (Allemagne), El seed (Tunisie), Eliot tupac (Perou), Ethos (Brésil), Evoca 1 (USA), Faith 47 (Afrique du Sud), Fintan Magee (Australie), Hendrik BEIKIRCH (Allemagne), Herbert Baglione (Brésil), HYURO (Argentine), INKMAN (Tunisie), Inti (Chili), Jace (La Réunion), Jaz (Argentine), Kan (France), Katre (France), know hope (USA), Kool Koor (USA), Laguna (Espagne), Liliwenn (France), Logan hicks (USA), Maatoug. Y (Lybie), Malakkai (Espagne), Màrio Bélem (Protugal), Mazen (Arabie Saoudite), M-city (Pologne), Monica CANILAO (USA), Mosko (France), Myne and yours (UK), Najah Zarbout (Tunisie), NEBAY (France), NeSpoon (Pologne), Nilko (France), Orticanoodle (Italie), Pantonio (Portugal), Phelgm (UK), Pumpum (Argentine), Rea (France), Roa (Belgique), Rodolphe Cintorino (France), Saner (Mexique), Sean Hart (France), Sebastian Velasco (Espagne), Seth (France), Shoof (Tunsie), Stew (France), Stinkfish (Colombie), SUNRA (Tunisie), Swoon (USA), Tinho (Brésil), Twoone (Japon), UNO 370 (France), VAJO (Tunisie), WAIS 1 (Russie), WiseTwo (Kenya), Wissem Zarbout (Tunisie), Yazan HALAWANI (Liban), Zepha (France).


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