Creative photo series ‘Ahwach’ by Abdellah Azizi


How do you catch the ambiance of dancers and musicians? Photographer Abdellah Azizi succeeded in the photo series Ahwach. The photo series Ahwach is a project of combined photos involving double exposure photography and software like Photoshop, resulting in astonishing, colourful photos of one of the most beautiful musical ceremonies of Amazigh culture.

Azizi took them during the Ahwach music festival in Ouarzazate, Morocco. Ahwach refers to a folkloric style of music and associated dance from southern Morocco. An Ahwach session is held by a number of performers (sometimes more than 20), both men and women (in some regions only men) playing on the rhythms of drums while chanting. Ahwach is a uniquely Amazigh (Berber) tradition of Morocco, especially in the region of Ouarzazate, Zagora, Souss. In this project Azizi wanted to mix the portraits of the dancers, with the dance and the ambiance of Ahwach.

Abdellah Azizi (27) is a professional photographer from Ouarzazate, Morocco. He is a freelancer and a contributor to the local e-magazine Most of his work consists of documentary photography and multimedia projects.


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