Artist of the week: Suhair Sibai

Suhair Sibai, born in Syria in 1956, is a full time visual artist trained and working in Los Angeles.

According to her, the diversity in which we live might easily lead to confusion within ourselves and within the interaction with others. Metaphors may or may not be understood, depending on the circumstances and the person we are dealing with. We find our way in the world entertaining changing opinions and compromises. In other words, she feels that life nowadays is so confusing that it is hard to make out who the ‘real me’ really is.

This is why in her works, Suhair sets out to examine who we are as an individual and how we arrived at our present predicament. To that purpose, she uses the female form as her favorite medium. By using emotionally charged colours Suhair consciously creates a contrast with the melancholic narratives meant to create alienation with the viewer. The large size of her works is aimed at involving the viewers and let them experience something unique by combining the emotional elements in her work with their own bias. Put differently, large canvases are ‘in your face’ canvases: you are forced to reflect, in such a way that your bias will clash with her emotions.

Her work is to be found in private and public collections in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, London, Dubai, Damascus and elsewhere.

Paint and mixed techniques, on canvas 120 x 120 cm, or 150 x 120 cm


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Photos: Suhair Sibai

Translated by Mark Eijkman


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